Letter from Tiziano Mellarini

Best wishes from the 70th Tour de Pologne

To mark the 70th Tour de Pologne the race shall extend beyond its national boundaries. This is a historical event which underlines the established status of the race and the international recognition it enjoys.

It is an honor and a pleasure for Trentino to be able to host the first two stages of such a major sporting event. This bears witness to the strong ties the province has with the cycling world and at the same time the ties it has with Poland - a nation with which we maintain friendly and mutually beneficial relations. In this sense the Tour de Pologne strengthens this partnership and paves the way for cooperation in other areas in the future.

The two Trento stages are an opportunity for Polish cycling fans to discover the natural beauty and the landscape of Trentino, and the beauty of the region's mountains - the Dolomites, the breathtaking routes through the forests and lakes with some stretches which have become a permanent feature in the history of the sport. Cycling is a discipline that brings with it important values such as passion and devotion, and is also a discipline which motivates sportsmen and sportswomen to test their limits. These are the important sporting values that cycling can bring out.

Events of this kind are without doubt one of the most effective forms of promotion that Trentino has available to it today to give it recognition for its most significant qualities. This is in particular due to the fact that events of this kind have the ability to catch the attention of the general public. And also due to the high level of organization that Trentino can offer and to the positive image of a region which has at its disposal sporting infrastructure of the highest quality.

I would like to thank in particular the Organizational Committee and express my gratitude to the large number of volunteers who demonstrate in their work during this event an ability to work together as a well-coordinated team and their great devotion and passion, enabling Trentino to take on the task of organizing prestigious sporting events.

Finally I would like to send my best wishes to all of our guests and sportsmen and sportswomen who will be in Trentino during the race and hope that they feel at home in our region and take with them fond memories.

Tiziano Mellarini
Member of the Agriculture, Forestry, Tourism, Promotion, Hunting and Angling Authority
The Autonomous Province of Trento